Beginning the week of January 1, Whitetail Disposal will be providing weekly curbside service for the Borough of Emmaus.

Holiday Schedule 2019:

Whitetail Disposal Observes the following Holiday Schedule.

  • Thursday July 4th, 2019 – 4th of July
  • Thursday November 28th, 2019 – Thanksgiving Day
  • Wednesday December 25th, 2019 – Christmas Day

In the event a holiday falls on/or before your normally scheduled service day your service day will be pushed back 1 day. * I.E. For Homes with a Thursday service day on Thanksgiving Day, your service day will occur on Friday November 29th.  Whitetail Disposal also operates on the same policy when there is a weather Delay. In the case of a Weather event your service day will occur on the following day.

Beginning in January Whitetail Disposal is excited to curbside trash and recycling services to the residents of the borough of Emmaus!

  • Beginning the week of January 1, Whitetail Disposal will be providing weekly curbside service for the Borough of Emmaus. Your service address will be part of the RED ROUTE on WEDNESDAY
  • Beginning the week of January 1, Whitetail Disposal will be providing weekly curbside service for the Borough of Emmaus. Your service address will be part of the BLUE ROUTE on THURSDAY.
  • Beginning the week of January 1, Whitetail Disposal will be providing weekly curbside service for the Borough of Emmaus. Your service address will be part of the GREEN ROUTE on FRIDAY.

Collection Days:

There are a few things that are changing with the new refuse contract.  First, the day of the week that your refuse collection will probably change.  Refuse will be collected one time per week.  It will be spread out over three days.  So, depending on where you live, your refuse will be picked up on either Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  Recycling will be picked up on the same day as your garbage.  Please make sure your cans are out by Midnight the night before your pick-up date.

The basics to keep in mind are as follows:

  • If you live south of Main Street or Chestnut Street, your collection date will be on Wednesday.
  • If you live on the North Side of Harrison or north, or if you live in the Stryer Section, your collection day will be Thursday
  • If you live on Chestnut Street or the South Side of Harrison Street, from State Road to Cedar Crest Boulevard, or anywhere in between, your collection date will be on Friday

Residents will also be able to set up their own account code with Whitetail to track their information on Whitetail’s website in terms of when collection is and some other features, such as tracking complaints.  Whitetail Disposal will provide exact information relating to this feature at a later date.

You will also receive a personalized postcard in December that will remind you of when your new collection day will be.  If you have any questions, please visit our website, call Town Hall, call Whitetail Disposal, or visit their website. 

The maps below depict your corresponding service day.  In addition, the link below will give you a map of the community where you can find your house online.  Whitetail will also provide this link on their website.

Collection Map Link

Bulk Items

The new contract has the same requirements as before.  Here’s what you need to know relating to Bulk Items.

  • Whitetail Disposal will provide Standard Bulk item removal service for borough residents each week.
  • Each Bulk item is limited to no more than 70 LBS and needs to be able to be placed Curbside.  This has always been a requirement.
  • WD does require notice in the form of a phone call when residents will be placing bulk items out for collection in case arrangements need to be made for a separate truck. Please call 610-754-0103 to notify Whitetail that you will be placing bulk items out for collection.
  • Pick up needs to be scheduled by 12 noon the day before your service day. *I.E. if your service day falls on a Wednesday, please notify Whitetail Disposal by 12 noon on Tuesday.
  • Please check out , email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or call 610-754-0103 for any questions on standard bulk items.

Need Help Finding Your Collection Day?

Click on the spreadsheet at this link.  Then, find your address and you will see when your collection day will be!

Commercial Refuse/Recycling Collection

The Borough requires all Commercial entities to remove refuse and recycling from their establishments.  The Borough does not arrange for collection via dumpsters, which need to be arranged by the entity desiring dumpster service.  If you obtain dumpster service from Whitetail Disposal, there is no need to file a form indicating that; however, if you use an Independent Hauler, which is any refuse contractor other than Whitetail Disposal, you need to complete the Commercial Entity Dumpster Form and file it with the Borough Manager’s Office.  The information sheet shall be completed by every commercial entity that elects to obtain the services of an Independent Hauler, as defined in Chapter 20 of the Borough of Emmaus Code of Ordinances, as amended by Borough of Emmaus Ordinance No, 1057, so as to allow the Borough to monitor compliance with all applicable rules and regulations relating to solid waste disposal.  Please click the link below for the form.

Commercial Entity Form