Fire Prevention

Don't wonder what you would do in a fire emergency, KNOW!

Question: What national disaster kills an average of 5,000 people, injures an additional 21,000 and costs $3.4 Billion Each Year? Answer: Residential Fires!..IS YOUR HOME FIRE SAFE?

Please call us if you have any questions, would like to tour the Fire Station, need training on how to use the Fire Extinguisher. 610-967-5630

Daylight Savings Time

Please remember when you change your clocks also Change your Smoke Detector Batteries. You should mark your calendars on a monthly basis and check your smoke detectors. Test all smoke detectors once a month. Smoke detectors should be installed on each level of your home, especially outside of the bedrooms. Smoke is responsible for 3 out of 4 fire deaths.

Fire Extinguishers: Learn how to use your fire extinguisher before there is an emergency. Keep a fire estinguisher in the kitchen, garage and workshop. Purchase ABC type for extinguishing all types of fires. Remember, use extinguishers on small fires only. If there is a large fire, get out immediately and call 911. Want to learn more about Fire Extinguishers and actually use one on a live fire call 610-967-5630

Is Your Home Fire Safe? Establish a fire escape Plan. Every room should have 2 means of escape. Make sure all windows open and are not painted shut. An exit route out of the house without opening a bedroom door is important. Decide on a meeting place for all family members away from the house. If you suspect a fire, get out and call us (911) from your neighbor's. Never re-enter your home. For help in planning your Fire Escape Plan call 610-967-5630.


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