Borough Selling South 2nd Street Property





            In accordance with the Pennsylvania Borough Code, the Borough of Emmaus is offering for sale, by sealed bid, an approximate 18.4 acre, vacant tract of land, known as “4052  South Second Street, Emmaus, PA 18049” (hereinafter, “Property”). The Property is located south of the Borough Emmaus in Upper Milford and Salisbury Townships and is identified by PIN 549495506718 1.


            The Property will be sold in fee simple, and the minimum bid shall be in the amount of Eighty Thousand Dollars ($80,000). Bids shall be addressed to the Borough Manager and delivered to Borough Hall, 28 South 4th Street, Emmaus, PA, 18049, in such a manner so as to be received at Borough Hall on or before 1:00 P.M. on the 16th day of February, 2017. The bid package shall be contained within a sealed envelope and have marked specifically on the exterior of that envelope the following: “4052 South Second Street Property Bid.” Bids will be opened in the office of the Borough Manager at 3:00 P.M. on the 16th day of February, 2017. It is the intention of Borough Council to accept the highest, compliant bid at its public meeting on the 21st day of February, 2017, unless extended. Council reserves the right to reject all bids.


            Each bidder shall state with specificity the actual bid amount on a Bid Form provided by the Borough. The fully completed Bid Form shall be accompanied by an executed Agreement of Sale (hereinafter, “AOS”).  The Bid Form and AOS may be obtained from the office of the Borough Manager during regular business hours. 


            If the Borough accepts the bid, it will promptly notify in writing the successful bidder and execute the AOS. Within five (5) days of receipt of notification of the acceptance of the bid, the successful bidder shall deliver to the Borough a certified check made payable to the “Borough of Emmaus” in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the bid which amount shall be the deposit under the AOS.   


            In accordance with Section 1201.1 of the Borough Code, settlement on the Property shall be completed and the full purchase price paid within sixty (60) days from the date of acceptance of the bid by Council. The successful bidder shall pay the full amount of all costs, fees and charges associated with conveyance of the Property including, without limitation, deed preparation by the Borough Solicitor and all applicable taxes.


            Additional information relating to the Property is available for inspection and copying at the office of the Borough Manager. A site inspection may be scheduled by contacting the Borough Manager at 610-965-9292.


                                                                                    Brent A. Labenberg,

                                                                                    Council President 


Bid Form

Agreement of Sale<