Certain Parking Fees to Increase in Emmaus Borough


Certain Parking Fees to Increase in Emmaus

Certain Parking Violations in Emmaus will be increasing within the next several weeks.  In the beginning of the year, Borough Council agreed to raise fine amounts for specific parking violations based on a study conducted by the Police Department last year.  A study was conducted of (30) thirty municipalities, mostly Boroughs, which revealed that Emmaus was lower in most categories of parking offenses when compared with other municipalities.

As a general rule, several categories of parking offenses will change from $15.00 to $20.00.  However, parking violations for sweeper parking in the Downtown and throughout the Main/Chestnut Street corridor will change from $15.00 to $25.00.  In addition, violations in snow removal areas, fire hydrant/zone(s) and leaving uninspected and unregistered vehicles on public streets will be $25.00.  The fine for violations of handicapped parking areas will be increasing to $50.00.     

Recently, the Emmaus Police Department received the updated parking tickets and will begin issuing them within the next several weeks.  As in the past, the Police Department wishes to remind the public that failure to respond to any parking ticket within (10) ten days results in a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania citation being filed with the District Court.