New Feature Added to Website - Citizen Requests and Concerns

As we continue to strive to improve and add to the services we offer our citizens, we have added a service request and concerns section to our website.  The program is utilized through a 3rd party IT service called IWORQ, a workflow management program utilized by our Public Works Department.  The program goes live in April 2017!

This section allows residents to file a concern or service request that they see in the Borough.  The purpose of the program is so that members of the public can make our departments aware of items such as potholes, high grass and other property maintenance issues, as well as other concerns that can be corrected by our departments.  It is not meant to be a personnel complaint forum, but rather a tool that can be used to assist us in taking care of the community.  Citizens must register and use their name with the program, as we will not enterain anonymous complaints.  Additionally, citizens will be able to track the progress of their concern through the program.  The program also offers a mobile application that you can download to your mobile device as well as a photograph upload section, so you can take a photograph of your complaint and send it to us right through the system. 

We truly hope that this program will help give you more access to  the services that the Borough of Emmaus offers. 

You can access it by clicking on the tab on the right side of the main page, or by clicking here.