Field Schedule

Field Use and Schedule

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Guidelines for Field Use

This guideline was first published on August 26, 1994 and approved at the August 25, 1994 meeting of the Parks and Recreation Commission and the next meeting of the Emmaus Borough Council.

The purpose of these guidelines is to foster coordination and cooperation between participating organizations, who utilize Borough facilities, and Borough representatives, who are responsible for maintaining Borough facilities.

In general participants in activities should conduct themselves in a manner that prevents or minimizes unnecessary wear or damage to Borough facilities. The general guideline is that cooperation and good judgment should be exercised at all times.

Specific guidelines are:

  • Decisions regarding use of each field with regard to inclement weather reside with the Emmaus Borough Public Works Coordinator. In his absence the Public Works Coordinator will designate his representative, usually a member of the Borough Staff.
  • Participant organizations, which have previously received permission to use Borough fields, will designate one individual who will coordinate with the Public Works Coordinator regarding permission to conduct or continue to conduct activities that are interrupted by inclement weather. The participant organization coordinator should contact the Public Works Coordinator during the week prior to the scheduled activity to identify the Borough representative who will exercise responsibility regarding field usage in case of inclement weather.
  • Fields must not be used when conditions result in a soggy or muddy surface or standing water is evident on the playing surface. Fields are generally not playable after a period of extensive rain, especially ones lasting more than a day.
  • Participant organizations may use vehicles to drag baseball / softball infields when fields are completely dry. Vehicles must not be driven or parked on fields when fields are damp or wet. The Public Works Coordinator or his designated representative has the final decision regarding the use of vehicles to drag fields.
  • If the Public Works Coordinator or his representative determines that fields may continue to be used during periods of inclement weather then use of a grounds keeping product specifically marketed for water absorption may be used around home plate and first base. The preferred material is a good quality athletic field product or equivalent calcined material designated for use on athletic fields, as determined by the Publics Works Coordinator.
  • If possible the Public Works Coordinator will attempt to have available sufficient quantities of sand or equivalent material for use on fields for limited repair. Participant organizations will use volunteers to perform any dragging or limited maintenance activities, such as filling selected infield areas. Volunteers should rake the grass areas surrounding the infield to prevent the buildup of sand at the grass edge as a result of dragging.
  • Future maintenance works on infields performed by the Public Works Department should include the crowning of infields to facilitate draining during periods of inclement weather.
  • Any questions regarding the proper interpretation of these guidelines should be initially directed to the Public Works Coordinator or his representative. Further questions or comments should be directed to the Borough of Emmaus Parks and Recreation Commission.

Policy Requesting Field Use

Starting October, 1992 all organizations requesting use of Park and Recreational facilities (with the exception of pavilion rentals) must send a letter to Borough Council signed by a participating adult who is a Borough resident, accompanied by a list of the number of participants by municipality. The request should include the facility location, intended use, and dates and times the facility is to be used.

Zero Tolerance Policy

During the August 22, 2000 meeting the Commission recommended to Borough Council by a 5-0 vote, the following policy:

All sporting events held on Emmaus Borough property or sponsored, directly or indirectly by Emmaus have a Zero Tolerance Policy on violence, verbal or physical, against players, coaches, parents or officials. Violators will be permanently banned from all borough parks and athletic events, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.