The Mayor

Lee Ann Gilbert

January 1, 2018 rang in a new year for all of us.  For the Borough of Emmaus, it also rang in a new era.  Mayor Winfield Iobst, after serving our Borough for 20 years, decided to retire and not run for mayor again.  While this promised a new face in the position as mayor, a very familiar face has filled it.  We are proud and excited to announce Lee Ann Gilbert as the new Mayor of Emmaus Borough. 

Mayor Gilbert has served the Borough for more than 18 years.  She was previously elected as the first female President of Borough Council.  We are proud to announce that Mayor Gilbert has been elected as the first female mayor in the history of the Borough of Emmaus!

Mrs. Gilbert is no stranger to the police department and public safety.  Mayor Gilbert is married to a retired state police officer.  She also spent part of her working career working in the District Magistrate's office.  She has been the chairwoman of Council's public safety committee for many years and has had a very close working relationship with the Police Department during her entire tenure on Borough Council.  Mrs. Gilbert is very excited for her new role as Mayor.  She stated that she has large shoes to fill, however, we know that she will fill them well.