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Boards & Commissions

The Borough of Emmaus relies on volunteers to serve on Boards and Commissions. These Boards and Commissions provide valuable insight and expertise for the benefit of our community and help advise Council on a wide range of issues. 

2022 Zoom Meeting Schedule

Board of Health

NameTermTerm Expires
Garry Ritter, Health Officer
Paula Weiant, Borough Administrative Assistant (Secretary)
Ambulance Chief5 years
Dr. Aaron Ratner5 years1/1/2023
Vacancy5 years1/1/2027
Carolyn Davidson (Chairperson)5 years1/1/2024
John W. Hart5 years1/1/2025

Current Agenda:

Building Board Of Appeals

NameTermTerm Expires
Alan Hawman, III5 years1/1/2024
Todd Laudenschlager5 years1/1/2023
Frank Tranguch5 years1/1/2024

Current Agenda:

Civil Service Commission

NameTermTerm Expires
Darryl Wentz (Chair)6 years1/1/2024
William Huber, Jr (Secretary)6 years1/1/2025
Vincent Tranguch (Vice Chair)6 years1/1/2025
Michael Wilson (Alternate)6 years1/1/2026
John W. Ashley, Esq., Solicitor2 years1/1/2023

Current Agenda:

Community Garden Commission

NameTermTerm Expires
Craig Smith (Chair)3 years1/1/2024
Susan Kowalchuk (Vice Chair) (non-resident)4 years1/1/2026
Stephen Baier (Treasurer)4 years1/1/2026
Rebecca Straus3 years1/1/2024
Kris Thompson3 years1/1/2025
Wendy Bartkus3 years1/1/2025
Patricia Roblin (non-resident)3 years1/1/2024

Current Agenda: 09/13/2022

Emergency Disaster Board

NameTermTerm Expires
Lee Ann Gilbert, Borough Mayor
Keith Miller, Emergency Management Director
Garry Ritter, Health Officer
Jason Apgar, Chief of Police
Rev. Fred Foerster

Emmaus Arts Commission 


NameTermTerm Expires
Patty Feninez3 years2/7/2025
Sara Plaza  3 years2/1/2024
Wayne Lawler3 years2/1/2025
Lindsey Kleinberg (Secretary)3 years2/7/2024
Melynda Yesemia Cameron3 years2/1/2024
Alan Sylvestre3 years2/7/2025
Karri Schreppel (President)3 years2/7/2025
Lauren Kuhn (Vice President)3 years2/1/2024
Dalton Link3 years2/7/2024
Richard Farmer3 years2/7/2024
Joseph Fritz (Treasurer)3 years10/16/2023
Alison Fox3 years10/16/2025
Alison Spagnoletti3 years10/16/2023

Current Agenda:

Emmaus General Authority

NameTermTerm Expires
Dustin Grim (Treasurer)5 years1/1/2026
John J. Zettlemoyer (Secretary)5 years1/1/2024
Jennifer Macharsky (Asst. Secretary & Asst. Treasurer)5 years1/1/2025
John Stover, Jr. (Vice Chairman)5 years1/1/2027
Craig Neely (Chairman)5 years1/1/2023
Gross McGinley, LLP (Solicitor)1/1/2023
John Frey, Managing Director, Public Financial Management1/1/2023
Stevens & Lee (Special Counsel)

Current Agenda:

Employee and Volunteer Safety Committee

NameTermTerm Expires
Administration: Shane Pepe
Alternate: Sara Jarrett Eaton
Codes / Zoning: Rob Hammond
Alternate: Bryan Bilheimer
Police: Joe Longenbach
Alternate: Bryan Hamscher
2 years12/31/2022
Fire: Chris Lubenetski
Alternate: Thomas Carl
2 years12/31/2022
Ambulance: JT Pfleegor
Alternate: Tom Gauntner
2 years12/31/2022
Public Works: Brent Reed
Alternate: Troy Bower
2 years12/31/2023
Clerical: Teresa Pohlmann (Chairperson)
Alternate: Sally Hosfeld
2 years12/31/2023

Environmental Advisory Council Borough of Emmaus/Upper Milford Township


NameTermTerm Expires
Karl Hertwig3 years3/7/2024
Vacancy3 years3/7/2024
Vacancy 3 years3/7/2025
Jessi O’Donald (Chairperson)3 years3/7/2023
Lawrence Carl, Emmaus Public Works Director
Tassia Schreiner3 years1/8/2024
Vacancy 3 years1/4/2024
Jon Levin3 years1/2/2025
Kyle Wagner3 years1/9/2023
Bud Carter, Township Manager

Current Agenda:

Library Board

NameTermTerm Expires
Fredricka Stringfellow3 years1/1/2025
Katherine Reinhard (Vice President)
3 years1/1/2023
Ann Zayaitz (President)3 years1/1/2024
Sarah Charette3 years1/2/2023
Christopher Carter3 years1/1/2025
Carl Cramer
3 years1/1/2024
Macungie Borough Representative:
Vacancy3 years1/1/2023
Upper Milford Township
Lisa Marten3 years1/1/2025
Alice Bourice (Secretary)3 years1/1/2023
Library Director, Maryellen Kanarr
Borough Manager

Current Agenda:

Pension Board

NameTermTerm Expires
Brent Labenberg, Council President
Lee Ann Gilbert, Mayor
Shane M. Pepe, Borough Manager
Police Officers: Kevin Schmidt & Vincent Murante
Non-Uniform:  Les DeLong & Sally Hosfeld

Planning Commission

NameTermTerm Expires
Michael Gibson (Chairman)4 years4/1/2026
Josh Grice 4 years4/1/2025
Robert Toth, Sr.4 years4/1/2023
Vacancy 4 years4/1/2026
Todd Ackerman4 years4/1/2023
J. P. Raynock4 years4/1/2025
Nigel Watt4 years4/1/2023
Shane M. Pepe, Borough Manager (Secretary)
Jason Ulrich, Solicitor, Gross McKinley Law Firm
J. Bradley Youst, Hanover Engineering Associates, Inc.
Jeffrey Ott, Ott Consulting, Inc.
Jason Buchta, Ott Consulting, Inc.

Current Agenda: 09/08/2022

Recreation And Entertainment Commission


NameTermTerm Expires
East Penn School District Representative (TBA)
Alan Sylvestre (Chairperson)3 years6/7/2025
Rosalie Sell (Vice Chairperson)3 years6/7/2023
Alison Fox3 years5/1/2023
Alison Spagnoletti3 years6/7/2025
Bernadette Patterson 3 years6/7/2025
Vacancy3 years5/1/2025
Vacancy3 years5/1/2024
Vacancy3 years6/7/2023
Louise Dillensnyder3 years6/7/2023
Vacancy3 years6/7/2023

Current Agenda:

Shade Tree Commission

NameTermTerm Expires
Vacancy5 years1/1/2023
Dalton Link5 years1/1/2027
Vacancy5 years1/1/2027
Beverly Springer5 years1/1/2027
Rebecca Straus (Chairperson)5 years1/1/2023

Current Agenda:

Vacancy Board

NameTermTerm Expires
John O. Stover, Jr.1 year1/1/2023

Zoning Hearing Board

NameTermTerm Expires
Roger Steinmayr (Chairman)3 years1/1/2023
Susan L. Schmidt3 years1/1/2025
Theodore W. Iobst II3 years1/1/2023
Vacancy3 years1/1/2025
Don Nickerson (Alternate)3 years1/1/2024
Ronald Corkery, Solicitor1 year1/1/2023
Bryan Bilheimer/Rob Hammond, Building/Zoning Official

Current Agenda: 09/22/2022

Steering Committee Agenda:

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