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Field Schedule

Field Use and Schedule

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Guidelines for Field Use

The purpose of these guidelines is to foster coordination and cooperation between participating organizations, who utilize Borough facilities, and Borough representatives, who are responsible for maintaining Borough facilities.

In general participants in activities should conduct themselves in a manner that prevents or minimizes unnecessary wear or damage to Borough facilities. The general guideline is that cooperation and good judgment should be exercised at all times.

Specific guidelines are:

  • Decisions regarding use of each field, with regard to inclement weather, reside with the Emmaus Borough Public Works Director. In his absence the Public Works Director will designate his representative, usually a member of the Borough Staff.
  • Participant organizations, which have previously received permission to use Borough fields, will designate one individual who will coordinate with the Public Works Director regarding permission to conduct or continue to conduct activities that are interrupted by inclement weather.
  • Fields must not be used when conditions result in a soggy or muddy surface or standing water is evident on the playing surface. Fields are generally not playable after a period of extensive rain, especially ones lasting more than a day.
  • Participant organizations may use vehicles to drag baseball / softball infields when fields are completely dry. Vehicles must not be driven or parked on fields when fields are damp or wet. The Public Works Director or his designated representative has the final decision regarding the use of vehicles to drag fields.
  • If the Public Works Director or his representative determines that fields may continue to be used during periods of inclement weather then use of a grounds keeping product specifically marketed for water absorption may be used around home plate and first base. The preferred material is a good quality athletic field product or equivalent calcined material designated for use on athletic fields, as determined by the Public Works Coordinator.
  • If possible the Public Works Director will attempt to have available sufficient quantities of sand or equivalent material for use on fields for limited repair. Participant organizations will use volunteers to perform any dragging or limited maintenance activities, such as filling selected infield areas. Volunteers should rake the grass areas surrounding the infield to prevent the buildup of sand at the grass edge as a result of dragging.
  • Any questions regarding the proper interpretation of these guidelines should be initially directed to the Public Works Director or his representative. Further questions or comments should be directed to the Borough of Emmaus Parks and Recreation Commission.

Policy Requesting Field Use

  1. All requests to schedule fields must be approved by the Borough of Emmaus (BOE) authorized personnel. This includes schedules for BOE Recognized Provider Organizations (RPO’s as listed in item #2). Schedules must be submitted prior to start of play.
  2. Emmaus High School, EYA and East Penn Emmaus Midget Football Association have first priority scheduling on BOE fields. (BOE RPOs are subject to and must adhere to proper scheduling policies or may lose field privileges for that season.)
  3. All RPOS must use the designated organization contact person to submit schedules to BOE. RPOs must turn in season schedules by the third Friday in February (spring season) and the first Friday in August (fall season).
  4. Seasonal field scheduling is set by BOE. If RPOs have not turned in field schedules by the by the dates above, the fields will be made available for public use and scheduled as necessary. Other groups and organizations are then granted field use upon BOE approval and subject to field availability on a first come first serve basis.
  5. The following information will be need from each organization: a. Practices: Schedule stating field(s), dates for the beginning and end of practices, the day(s) of the week and times of the practices. If the practice days/hours change from week to week, this information must be given to BOE as well. Your organization must list every team, date, and time during the entire season that you desire to use any field maintained by BOE. b. Games: Schedule of games, the field(s) to be utilized, dates, start times and expected duration of each game.
  6. All field usage is weather permitting. BOE reserves the right to close fields due to weather conditions or unsafe playing conditions. Organizations wishing to reschedule games and/or practices due to inclement weather, must contact BOE PRIOR to the scheduled event, to determine field availability.
  7. Organizations must pay any and all fees for field usage and submit certificate of insurance naming BOE as an additional insured, at the time the reservation is made. Field reservations will be forfeited if fees and certificate are not received within one week of the approval date.
  8. All organizations wishing to be granted use of BOE fields (including RPOs) must submit an application form SEASONALLY.
  9. Unauthorized use of fields for official practices or games not approved and scheduled by BOE may result in loss of field privileges.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Application: Written/Electronic application for the use of fields must be completed on forms provided for that purpose and submitted to Borough of Emmaus (BOE) at least 30 days prior to date of the requested use whenever possible. Requests received less than 30 days prior to the event will be considered on a first come first come basis and availability. Applicants requesting regular permits throughout the year need to file only 1 application for each season. Any group, team or individual wanting to hold practices, games, scrimmages, tournaments, and/or camps must submit an application and receive approval from BOE for the use of requested field.
  2. Availability: All applications for fields are dependent upon availability of the fields. Applicants will be assigned space according to the order of receipt of application. BOE shall have prior right to schedule and use all fields. Should more than one applicant simultaneously request for the same field, for the same date and time, the applicants shall be considered on the basis of the following priority:
    a. Borough of Emmaus Municipal Departments
    b. East Penn School District
    c. Emmaus Youth Association
    d. All other groups, organizations, and businesses
  3. Insurance: The applicant shall assume all responsibility for damages, claims or liability of any kind arising out of, or by reason of, its use of BOE fields, and further agrees to save and hold the Borough of Emmaus Supervisors, employees, agents, sub-contractors and consultants harmless from any claims, liability, expense, or cost in connection with the use of fields. (See Insurance requirements)
  4. Subletting: An applicant may NOT assign, sublet or transfer its rights or privileges to any other individual, group or organization.
  5. Fundraising: Events for the purpose of raising funds must be covered by a separate application and contract. The application must then be submitted 60 days in advance and the executed contract 30 days prior to event.
  6. Responsibility: Applicants shall designate one individual to be responsible for the use of the facility during occupancy. The designated individual shall be present during the time the field(s) are in use. If it is necessary to replace the designated individual, the applicant shall notify the BOE immediately.
  7. Expiration: The applicant’s right to use a field shall expire automatically on the time and date stated on the application. If the application is for use throughout the calendar year, it shall expire automatically at the end of each season.
  8. Revocation: BOE may revoke permission if, in their judgement, proper use is not being made, or the field is not being used, or misinformation has been received from the applicant for use of the field.
  9. Payment: All fees are to be paid in full within 7 days from request approval. An invoice for any additional service charges rendered shall be forwarded to the applicant within 7 days after the event. Payment shall be due upon receipt of invoice.
  10. Cancellations: All cancellations by the Applicant are required 3 weeks in advance of event to receive full credit. Refunds will not be issued for inclement weather or Emergency Closings. Refund requests will be made in writing to Borough Manager, Borough of Emmaus, 28 S. 4th Street, Emmaus, PA 18049


  1. Right to deny: The BOE maintains the right to deny the use of fields should the Borough determine one of the following:
    a. Applicant fails to conduct orderly meetings, programs and/or events.
    b. Applicant’s gatherings are of a nature to incite to disorder.
    c. Applicant conducts meetings, programs and/or events which are abusive of other groups by reason of race, creed, color, or religion.
  2. Approved and Unapproved Uses:
    a. Fields may be approved for the educational, civic, social, recreational, and similar activities by nonprofit groups, citizens, and/or organizations.
    b. Fields shall not be used for a purpose which is in violation of the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and/or the Ordinances of BOE.
    c. Fields shall not be used for the financial gain of any individual, organization, or a private enterprise.
    d. No signs, banners, pennants, etc. shall be affixed either permanently or temporarily in or on Borough property by any group except those associated with activities sponsored by the Borough or as approved by the Borough.
    e. No open flame, firework properties or pyrotechnics equipment shall be permitted unless sponsored or specifically authorized by BOE.
    f. No camping or overnight parking permitted on park property or Borough owned land.
    g. All fields shall be posted and are governed by these rules and regulations (unless otherwise noted).
    h. Animals of any kind are not permitted at any BOE fields or parks..

i. No person shall injure, deface, remove, cut or damage any of the trees, plants, shrubs, turf, buildings, structures, fixtures, or any other Borough owned property.

j. No person shall set up any booth, table or stand, mobile or otherwise, for the sale of any article whatsoever, within the limits of a park, without prior permission from BOE.

k. Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult when using park facilities.

  1. Borough owned equipment:
    a. Arrangements for the use of lights shall be made at the time of field request.
    b. Deposit for job box and/or dugout keys will be made to BOE at the time of collection of keys
    and refunded upon return of keys to BOE.


  1. Applicant is responsible for any and all damages and/or destruction to or theft of park
    property and should such damage or theft occur, the applicant shall immediately report the incident
    to the Borough. Applicant will be invoiced for reimbursement to BOE for such damage, destruction,
    or theft at the replacement cost of the item(s).


  1. Applicant shall be responsible for the conduct of participants and spectators attending any
    scheduled events and shall be solely responsible for making adequate provisions in order to ensure
    crowds are properly controlled.
  2. Should the Borough, at its discretion, determine that police protection and/or Ambulance
    services is necessary, it shall be the applicant’s sole responsibility to secure and pay for said
    protection and/or services.
  3. The Borough, at its discretion, reserves the right to alter or amend these rules and governing
    the use of parks and fields.

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