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Leaf Collection

November 1, 2021

The Borough of Emmaus will begin its 2021 Curbside Leaf Collection on Monday, October 25, 2021 and will continue through Friday, December 10, 2021.  The Borough is unable to set specific pick-up dates for leaf pick-up for individual streets throughout the town and recommends that leaves are raked out to the curb line the beginning of each week. The Public Works Department will continue to collect twice a week, however, please be advised that if the Borough encounters winter weather and the Public Works Department needs to plow the streets, any leaves in the road will be plowed.  The Public Works Department will make every effort to get the roads cleaned up before the winter. For FINAL COLLECTION, please have your leaves out on Monday morning (December 6th) of the final week.  Once the Public Works Department has made its final pass on your street, they will not return.

  • If there are low hanging branches overhanging the roadway, the Borough’s leaf truck may not be able to pick up the leaves.  Please make sure that all overhanging branches are trimmed prior to winter.
  • Please rake all leaves to the curb into long narrow rows not more than 18” into the road. Leaves placed on the sidewalk will not be collected. The Public Works Department will not empty bags or other containers; this is the responsibility of the resident.  Branches, shrubbery, grass, garbage, dog waste, and other building materials will not be picked up.
  • Leaves will not be collected on private property. If leaves are not in place when the crews go by, they will be picked up on the following round through the Borough.  No “return trips” will be made to pick them up.
  • Residents who have areas designated as “No Parking” (yellow painted curbs) are encouraged to pile leaves at these locations for easier pick up.
  • Piles with anything other than leaves will not be picked up. These objects will cause damage to the leaf pickup units and put them out of service at  a great expense of time and money to the Borough and its residents.
  • Do not place tarps over your leaves. The Public Works Department will bypass them and they will not be collected.
  • To help facilitate the picking up of the leaves, please keep all vehicles away from the area where the leaves are piled. The Public Works Department will not rake piles of leaves out from between parked cars or from under them.
  • Do not pile leaves on or around storm drains as this will cause flooding issues and create unsafe driving conditions.

Please do not place leaves out prior to the starting date! 

Thank you for your cooperation.  For additional leaf/yard waste disposal, the Compost Site is also open for drop off through December 17th.

Last modified: November 1, 2021

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