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PAWS Program – Emmaus Post Office

September 25, 2020

About the program:
Residents will start to see yellow and orange stickers placed on mailboxes. This serves as a system to communicate with all mail carriers that they should proceed with caution. This tool is especially helpful when carriers are delivering on routes that they are unfamiliar with.  Along with placing the stickers, residents received a postcard explaining the program along with the phone number for our local Consumer Affairs office if they have any questions or objections. The only goal of this program is to protect our mail carriers, and reduce the risk of dog owner liability should a dog bite occur.

The postcard residents received reads as follows:

Dear Postal Customer,
The carriers at your local Post Office are working to reduce the risk of dog bites and attacks that occur while delivering the mail. They have developed a system to communicate areas where dogs reside. Carriers will soon be placing a paw sticker on mailboxes to indicate that a dog or dogs live in the area—yellow indicates dog nearby while orange indicates a dog at the residence. The sticker will act as a reminder to the carrier that they should proceed with caution, especially when delivering packages to the door.
If you object to a paw sticker being placed on your mailbox, please call the District Consumer Affairs Office at (717) 257-4801 within 2 weeks of receipt of this card.
It is our expectation that the strategy will reduce the incidents of dog bites and attacks, keeping our employees safe. In addition, we hope to avoid costly dog owner liability in the event of an attack. We are grateful for your support and cooperation in this initiative.

Last modified: January 26, 2021

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