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Right To Know

The Borough of Emmaus is a public agency and subject to the provisions of the Pennsylvania Right to Know Act.  The Borough of Emmaus recognizes that certain information is public record, and may be released to the public in a manner that does not compromise the effectiveness or operations of the agency. 

The Borough of Emmaus also recognizes that it is not obligated to keep or create separate data bases to comply with the provisions of the Act.

The purpose of this is to explain the procedures for requesting information and how the information will be disseminated. 

The Borough Manager for the Borough of Emmaus shall be the Open Records Officer for the Borough of Emmaus. The Chief of Police shall serve as the Alternate Open Records Officer for the Borough of Emmaus. In the absence of the Borough Manager, the Chief of Police shall be designated to receive and process requests made pursuant to the Right-to-Know Law.

The Chief of Police shall serve as the primary Open Records Officer for the Emmaus Police Department.

Additional information can be found in the Open Records Resolution 2018-19 and at the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records website.

Right To Know Request Forms:

For all records request with the Borough of Emmaus (with the exception of police requests), please use this Right to Know Request Form

For police records, individuals are asked to use this  Right to Know Request Form

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